Sports Report

Athletic Update 10/17-21/22


On October 14th, the Hornets went against the Forrest County Aggies. We destroyed them with a winning score of 41-6. Keep up the good work, Hornets! The October 21st game will be head-to-head against Columbia. This game starts at 7:00 and will take place at Columbia High School. 


On October 11th, the Lady Hornets almost completed the second round of playoffs against the West Lauderdale Knights. They left the game with a score of 2-3, ending the volleyball season. Congratulations to the girls for making it this far!

Girls Soccer: 

The girl’s soccer season will begin on October 22nd against the Bay High Tigers at 1:00 at Poplarville High School. The girls will also go against the Pearl River Central Blue Devils at 3:50 on the same day at the same place. Come cheer on the girls for their first game of the season!

Boys Soccer: 

The boy’s soccer season will start out with a game against the Bay High Tigers on October 22nd at 1:50. This game will take place at Poplarville High School. Another game will also take place on the same day at the same place, but this game will be played at 4:30 against the Pearl River Central Blue Devils. Come out to support the Hornets for their first game!

Credit: The PHS Yearbook Team