AEST Teacher JT Thomas

The Agriculture, Environmental, Science, and Technology (AEST) classes have partnered with the Poplarville Garden Club and the Poplarville Women’s Club on a beautification project for Main Street.  In the featured photo, Mr. J.T. Thomas, AEST instructor, is demonstrating to his students how to propagate Dragon Wing begonias.  The students will transfer rooted cuttings to potting mix and pots donated by the Poplarville Women’s Club.  The begonias will be planted around the crepe myrtles in planters along Main Street, and the Poplarville Garden Club members will care for the plants over the summer.  Partnerships with local community organizations are a great way for students to get involved in the community.  The Career Development Center appreciates all of our community supporters and Mrs. Ann Bosworth for her focus on providing quality projects to our students!

AEST student

AEST student demonstrates

AEST students

AEST studentsPhotos submitted by Mrs. Ann Bosworth