Dec Dates

December 18th- 60% Day

Release times for bus students

Elementary 12:05
PHS 12:18
MSP 12:20

Release times for car riders

Elementary 12:10
PHS 12:18
MSP 12:00

Important Dates to Remember:

December 19th to January 4th: Winter Break for Students
January 4th: Teachers Return
January 5th: Students Return

Poplarville School District plans to return in January using the same traditional schedule we are currently on. Poplarville School District will continue to monitor COVID cases. The number of cases reported within the district has remained consistent since the beginning of the school year, and we do not foresee any changes to our current plan or protocols. All safety protocols will continue to be in place when classes resume in January.

We continue to ask that students not come to school sick. Also, if anyone in the household possibly has COVID, please wait for a diagnosis before sending students within the home back to school. Then, call the school nurse to discuss a return to school plan.