100 MSP is having to make adjustments to our Renaissance Rallies this year.  We are making every effort to reward our students for their good grades and good behavior. The team went from class to class to reward students who met the requirements to be in the  Diamond club (no grade lower than an A) and Platinum club (no grade lower than a B) for the first nine weeks term. There were games played so students could earn prizes and we also had a drawing for student who had tickets in the 100 plus box.  When students make a 100 on assignments throughout the 9 weeks they get an entry slip to put in the box.  At the end of the nine weeks we draw 3 students from each grade to win a Subway gift card. We appreciate Mrs. Dale and Mrs. Sanders for putting in many extra hours to make the Renaissance celebrations fun for the students and teachers.  Below are some of our 100 plus winners.