Sport Report



Our community is proud of the Poplarville Hornets Football team ending the year as 4A South State Champions for the 2nd consecutive year in a row. Your fans thank you for how you have represented the school, district, community, and South Mississippi.


This week the boys will play three games. The first game will be a home game on Monday the 9th against Stone county at 7:00pm. On Tuesday the 10th JV will play an away game against Hancock at 7:00pm. On the 12th the V team will play a home game against FCAHS at 7:00pm. Varsity girls will play against Stone county at 5:30pm Dec. 9th. Then on the 10th, JV play an away game against Hancock at 5:30pm. The last game this week V will play in a home game against FCAHS at 5:30pm.


The Varsity basketball teams went up against Picayune Tuesday, Dec. 3 at a home. Varsity basketball girls’ won against Picayune with a score 39-50. Varsity boys’ lost their game with a close score of 67-58. On December 6, varsity teams played Vancleave at home.  Varsity girls’ won with a score of 65-25.  Boys lost with a score 41-49.  Upcoming games this week are Girls’ and Boys’ Varsity on December 10, 2019 against Sumrall played at home. Boys start at 7:30 p.m. and girls start at 6:00 p.m. On December 13, 2019 teams will travel to Lumberton. Girls start at 6:00 p.m., both boys’ varsity and junior varsity start at 5:00/7:30 p.m.