Breaking a 10 year record

BETA Induction Ceremony

The PHS BETA club hosted their induction and senior pinning ceremony Thursday, Nov. 22, 2019. With 71 new members added to 28 existing, it brought the total to 99 members. Academic Sponsor, Dr. Miguel Ramirez stated this year’s club to be, “the largest the club has been in 10 years.”  President, Ravyn Garrett, lead the ceremony and passed the BETA Medal to Junior Vice President, Lana Bagley, which symbolizes honor, and values the club represents.  Each graduation class was called to the stage to receive their certificate and given a candle to light and recite the BETA pledge. Refreshments were served after the ceremony for families to enjoy.

Club leaders include: President Ravyn Garrett, Senior Vice-President Aislynn Andrews, Junior Vice President Lana Bagley, Treasurer Harper Pearson, Secretary Renee Harris, Historian Paige Lee, Academic Sponsor Dr. Miguel Ramirez