Teacher of the Year

Brittany Alexander

Poplarville Lower Elementary’s Teacher of the Year for 2019-2020!

Teacher of the Year
Teacher of the Year at PLE


About Me:

I began teaching at PLE in 2014 but have a total of almost 11 years of teaching experience. I have been married for 12 years this December, to Timothy Alexander. We have two very happy, healthy little boys. Hudson, six, is in the first grade here at PLE, and Henry is two.


My Education: 

I have a BS degree from William Carey University and am considered a highly qualified educator. I have 4 endorsement areas: English, reading, social studies, and health/p.e. I have begun the journey towards a master’s degree, and my ultimate goal is to become a National Board Certified Teacher.


My Teaching Philosophy: 

My teaching philosophy is that of the whole child. I feel that until the student’s needs are met in every area a child can not learn. If children are in need of anything, they can’t learn. They need to first feel loved, nurtured, and safe. When students feel this way, then they can perform and learn.


I am forever grateful for the calling the Lord has placed on my life. I learn and grow every year of my career. As I look back, ever since I was little, I can remember saying I would be a teacher. I would play school at home and teach my heart out to my stuffed animals. I have to say this is because of the impact educators had on my life. I can remember specifically the teachers I had and how they loved and taught me. So,  thank you to all educators. You make a difference-whether you feel it every day or not.


Seeing my kids walk in each morning, and seeing the smiles on their faces is what gets me going each morning. I love seeing them each morning and greeting them. I do not know what happened at their house the night before or that very morning, so I try to be the smile that meets them each day – the face they know cares about them and their success. 


One thing I hope my students could say is that Mrs. Alexander loved me and taught me all I needed to know to be successful! My coworkers would probably say I pick too much!! But I am the person that if I am not picking or playing around, it isn’t a good day. I would also hope they could say that I am positive, uplifting, and that I truly care about them.


What one item could you never do without in your classroom? 

The one item I could never do without in my classroom is my apron. I depend on my apron to get me through the day. When I do not wear it, I constantly lose everything!!

Alexander teaching
B. Alexander

What has been your most memorable moment at PLE over the past few years?

My most memorable moment by far is being granted this honor of Teacher of the Year. This was definitely a career goal for me. I can remember some of the greatest teachers receiving this honor and how I wanted to be just like them…and to think I was even considered makes me speechless… and to have received it humbles me greatly.


What do  Brittany’s co-workers say about her? 

Brittany is a great teacher!. She loves her students and ensures that they learn.


Brittany is an energetic, engaging and caring teacher.


She goes above and beyond to make sure she helps each and every one of her students in her classroom. If her kids need extra help with certain tasks, she will work with them individually so they can excel in learning.


Brittany Alexander has been my saving grace as my child’s teacher. She has made my little girl feel loved, smart, and safe here at school. There is nothing better than knowing your child is loved at school by a teacher who treats them like her own child. She has kept constant communication with parents through DOJO, updating us on fun activities, reminding us of everything, and posting pictures of our children during their learning experiences. She is so deserving of Teacher of the Year!


Brittany has the most positive teaching style. Her students love and remember her.

Alexander teaching small group
Brittany Alexander