Look Who is Cooking

October 9th of 2019, I Blaire Alexander who is a part of the Digital Photography class interviewed the new culinary teacher Mrs. Hart. She is a new member of the PHS family and we as a school are glad she has stepped in and is now taking part in teaching the art of cooking.

 Before Mrs. Hart became a teacher, she attended Stone High School and received her degree at The University of Southern She knew she wanted to be a teacher, however, she did not know she was going to become a culinary teacher. She decided to become a culinary teacher due to her love of cooking and the enjoyment of seeing others enjoying her food she prepared. She also takes pride in working with food everyone needs, which is a major necessity. 

Mrs. Hart loves what she does and loves to leave her students with a new skill. She loves  the positivity from her co-workers and students. This creates a positive environment and it shows in her students. Mrs. Hart does not only reflect on her students, but the students reflect on her. Due to all the amazing things she had shared in the interview, it is clear why she is so excited for the school year and the ones yet to come. 

One of her favorite memories is Sam Arceneux telling her he can not take her on vacation due to the fact there was no room in his suitcase. she does not get through her days without her inspiration, her daughter, who motivates her to keep going. Some inspiration she wanted to leave with us is to, “Live life in the slow lane. Don’t rush being an adult. You have time!” The students and staff would like to welcome Mrs. Hart into the PHS family. 


Editor and Photographer: Blaire Alexander