Culinary Arts Students

On Friday, October 18, Ms. Teresa Hart and some of her Culinary Arts students participated in the First Annual Sweet Mississippi Tea Festival in Poplarville, Mississippi.  The festival is meant to be a celebration of the slow pace and friendliness of the southern lifestyle. Ms. Hart was asked personally by the event’s organizers to be one of the key vendors, and she and her students did not disappoint!

For the festival the Culinary students prepared traditional English High Tea fare like scones, lemon curd, chicken salad, and cucumber sandwiches.  One of the event’s guests came all the way from New England to attend the festivities and singled out Ms. Hart and her students to compliment them on their excellent dishes and culinary skills.  They were also mentioned on Mississippi Broadcast Radio throughout their coverage of the event.

At Poplarville Career Development Center we believe we are preparing our students for excellence as they move toward their futures, and events like the Tea Festival gives us an opportunity to show off the exceptional teachers and students that call the CDC home.

by Leigh Lenoir, SSC