An Interview with Coach Vancourt

The 2019-2020 Visual Arts/Yearbook class would like to welcome our new teachers and staff to the PHS and Poplaville community. As a way to get to know one another this class set up interviews with our new members. If you see them please say, “hello” and welcome them to the family. The following information was the interview with Coach Vancourt.

Coach Vancourt, came here in a chance to “try something new.”  He received his degree from Troy University, Alabama.  He has been coaching high school athletes for 5 years and teaching for 6 years. At PHS he is both a history teacher and a baseball coach. His passion for history began in his junior year of high school. Coach Vancourt stated, “I happen to get a fantastic history teacher that changed my whole view of the subject. He was able to relate history to our current lives in a way that made me realize how important and interesting it was or is! History covers all subjects including math, science, literature, politics, philosophy, music, dance, and drama.” He tries to help our community by promoting all student activities such as attending volleyball and football games.

His communication skills he considers his greatest strength and tries to relate to his students so that they can work hard for him. When asked about what he enjoyed about his job, he stated, “Mainly, the interactions I have with my students. It’s the chance to be a positive influence for my students whether I teach them or not.”  He teaches about 65 students and has a son that is enrolled in MSP. He enjoys teaching and looks forward to the future here at PHS. We welcome Coach Vancourt to our PHS community.

Editor & Photographer: Taylor McClendon