ScienceOn Friday, Oct. 4th, Mrs. Denise Pearson from the Pearl River County Soil and Water Conservation District came to Mrs. Halie and Mrs. Nikki’s 7th grade Science classes.  She shared a lot of educational and fun information about how soil is important to not only humans and our land, but to plants also.  Students were able to see, first hand, a soil sample that consisted of clay, silt, sand, dirt,  and soil.  Mrs. Pearson also brought a fun, hands on activity for the students to make.  She had oreos and pudding to make layers of what the grounds layers’ look like.  It was a very yummy experiment since the students were able to enjoy the dish that they made.  We would like to thank Mrs. Pearson for taking time out of her work day to come share some neat and interesting information about soil and water!