Student testing in AEST

Recently students in Mr. J.T. Thomas’ AEST class at Poplarville High School’s Career Development Center got to take their test in a very hands-on way. The students had just completed a unit focusing on the different parts of an engine and how they work together.   Instead of the usual paper and pencil test, however, the students were placed at one of twenty “stations”- sections at tables set up in the mechanics shop. Each section had a number and one part from an engine. The students had a numbered form to fill in with each part’s name as they rotated through the stations.  When Mr. Thomas gave the instruction to “identify”, the students had to turn and write on their answer sheet what engine part was at their station. They then had to turn around and move to the next station. This continued until they had identified twenty parts, plus a bonus question.

The students liked the opportunity to move while taking the test and the extra challenge of having to really know the parts of an engine to be able to identify them by sight.  Mr. Thomas stated that this type of test helps the students gain a true understanding of the design of an engine which will make them better mechanics in time.

This is just one of the many examples of how career and technical education teaches the whole student and ensures they not only know the subject matter but they understand it as well.  Through creative teaching and application of skills Poplarville CDC is preparing our students for successful futures.

by Leigh Lenoir, SSC