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Do you appreciate looking back and enjoying memories? Well, experience the memories of your days in Poplarville High School with the 2018-2019 yearbook. Order forms are available in the front office!

Hardcover copies will cost $45, and softcover copies will cost $35.

Please write all checks out to Poplarville High School. Orders and payments are due to Ms. Walters in Room 405. If there are any questions, please e-mail Ms. Walters. Payments are due by May 10, 2019.


If you wish to order the yearbook online, visit the website below!


Enter the store code phs1819

Ordering online allows you to personalize your yearbooks. If you are personalizing your yearbook, make sure you have received an e-mail confirmation or else your order did not actually go through.


Senior Ads

If you would like to make a senior ad in the Yearbook this will be a separate order form you can find in the office or from Ms. Walters in room 405.

Business Ads

Order forms for business ads are also available in the front office. If you would like to advertise your business in the PHS yearbook, please contact Ms. Walters at the e-mail listed above.