Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week ThEME DAYS for PLE

Poplarville Lower Elementary School’s Red Ribbon Week Celebration ‘Real Heroes Don’t Do Drugs!’ will be held October 22-26. We encourage students to participate in the following theme days during Red Ribbon Week:

  • Monday—Use your head and be drug free! (Wear a hat or crazy hair.)
  • Tuesday—I have the power to be drug-free! (Wear Superhero clothes.)
  • Wednesday—Drugs will tie you up, so spot me being drug-free! (Wear polka dots or a neck tie or both.)
  • Thursday—Don’t let drugs mix you up! (Wear your shirt backwards.)
  • Friday—Follow your dreams don’t do drugs! (Wear appropriate pajamas.)

Red Ribbon Week THEME DAYS for PUE/MSP/PHS

Poplarville School District will celebrate Red Ribbon Week during the week of October 22-26, 2018 with THEME DAYS!  Please encourage your child to support the fight against drugs by participating in our theme days this year!
The theme days are as follows:

MONDAY:         “RED”-y to be Drug Free! (red shirt w/ uniform bottoms)
TUESDAY:         I have the power to be drug free! (superhero shirts w/ uniform bottoms)
WEDNESDAY:   DRUG FREE from Head to Toe! (hats, crazy hair, silly socks)

THURSDAY:      Give drugs the boot! (boots/western wear)
FRIDAY:             Team up against Drugs! (fave team jersey or shirt w/ uniform bottoms)