muffinsOn Sept. 11th, students at the Middle School of Poplarville participated in the 17th anniversary video hosted by the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. This video, filmed inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum, connected students and teachers from around the world with museum staff and guest speakers to learn about the attacks and the importance of commemoration. An extension activity to the video encouraged students to give back to their community.

The 7th grade decided that they could give back our community starting right here at MSP in the morning drop-off line. After counting a whopping 250 people passing through our drop off line, student got busy decorating the bags necessary to hold a morning treat to be given out.  Ingredients were then collected, and muffins were cooked. On Wednesday, Sept 19th, students passed out the muffins and gave a heartfelt thank you to those that came through our morning drop-off line. We are truly thankful for our community and all that they do to make our students and schools successful!  

A special thanks goes out to Chef Amanda Pankratz and her culinary arts students at the CDC for their help with this project!