DMT Class at PRCC Film and Television

On Thursday, August 30, Ms. Donna Baxter’s Digital Media and Technology II students had the opportunity to attend a workshop introducing them to the Film and Video Technology class that is now being offered at PRCC.  Students who are interested in the filmmaking industry as their career can earn a career certificate, technical certificate, or an Associate in Applied Science Degree through this program, taught by Mr. Ronn Hague.

The students were first given an overview of the culture of a film set:  the etiquette and behaviors that are expected, the jargon that they will be expected to understand, and the different levels of authority among the crew.  They were also introduced to the multitude of careers in the industry besides just actors and directors. The students were able to actually film several scenes and work as the crew.  They were gaffers, second seconds, AD’s, grips, slates, and other positions that are vital to the creation of film and television.

Many of our CDC students are interested in a career in the arts, and Mr. Hague gave them information about interning on movie sets and how these opportunities can be a great first step in achieving the future they envision.

All in all, the students had a great time spending the day “on set” and, along with their teachers, appreciate Mr. Hague’s generosity in spending the day working with these future filmmakers.

By Leigh Lenoir, Student Service Coordiantor