The Mississippi Department of Education has developed a toolkit for district and school leaders to help communicate with parents and students about the new Mississippi Diploma and Endorsement Options. These resources can be modified and personalized to meet individual needs. We encourage you to share these materials on your website, via social media or through the other channels your district uses to communicate with parents and students. The toolkit materials are available at the links below and on the MDE website: https://www.mdek12.org/OCGR/diploma

Key Messages:

  1. Starting in 2018-19, all 9th graders will choose whether they want to work toward a Traditional Diploma, or take additional classes to earn an academic, distinguished academic or career and technical education endorsement
  2. Each diploma option will prepare students to be successful after graduation, whether that be in the workforce, the military, a career and technical training program or college.
  3. Beginning with the class of 2022, students who earn an academic or distinguished academic diploma endorsement from a public high school will automatically qualify for admission into any of the state’s public universities and will be eligible to enroll in credit-bearing courses.

Communication Toolkit Materials:

  1. Overview: Mississippi High School Diploma and Endorsement Options
  2. Frequently Asked Questions for Parents Regarding Diploma and Endorsement Options
  3. Sample Letter to Parents of Students in Grades 7-9


Brief Videos About Traditional Diploma and Each Endorsement Option:

· Mississippi Traditional Diploma

· Mississippi Traditional Diploma + Career and Technical Education Endorsement

· Mississippi Traditional Diploma + Academic Endorsement

· Mississippi Traditional Diploma + Distinguished Academic Endorsement