The Hornet’s football season had a good kickoff last week against the Jefferson Davis County Jaguars at the practice Jamboree game in our home stadium. Junior Varsity went first and pulled a victory out of the hat. The offense was on fire and our defense stood like a Great Wall. We certainly have some varsity football stars in the midst of our JV team. The final score was 21-0 with our Hornets on top. As for the varsity team, our guys and gal came up a bit short in the end with a score of 7-14. Early in the game our offense did great at breaking the other team’s defenses, however as the game went on our defense split and their offense was able to push past and score a touchdown. Our Hornets were able to prevent them from scoring a third touchdown. Though we were only able to win one match, the school spirit was electric in the stands. Come see our Hornets face Picayune this Friday August 17th at Picayune High School to cheer them on.

Submitted by Ashtyn Terrell