by Lindsey Storrs, DECA Reporter

DECA Students in Marketing and Digital Media travelled to Orlando to attend the DECA Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference. The students had three full days in Orlando, the first two in Universal and the last day in Walt Disney World. The conferences provided educational information for the students with sessions consisting of four speakers with a ten minute intermission. The speakers discussed many topics ranging from career advice to golf, from digital resumes to the best roller coasters in the parks.

The students were also able to attend a showing of Blue Man Group which I highly recommend to anyone ever offered the chance. The students toured the parks, walking almost ten miles a day, just to ride every roller coaster. The favorite among the group was Disney’s Flight of Passage, for which everyone waited in line for four hours to ride.

A very special thank you goes to the Hubbard and Fitzpatrick families for their generous contribution for our transportation through Express Bus Service.