On Monday February 26, 2018 the Poplarville Police Department was contacted by the Poplarville High School Resource Officer who advised the department that a student at Poplarville High School had made threatening statements concerning the safety of the school. After investigating, the student was placed into a youth detention center and is awaiting a hearing.

When students are involved in situations that could compromise the safety of our students and staff, the Poplarville School District wants our parents and students to know that we will seek the maximum penalty regarding school punishment.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact any school administrator, resource officer, or the Poplarville Police Department in the event you have knowledge of a possible threat that would endanger the students and staff at any of our schools. All claims will be treated with the utmost importance and will be investigated thoroughly.

We have worked tirelessly along with the Poplarville Police Department this week as this situation was investigated, and we want to thank our local police officers for all of their efforts.  Our top priority is the safety of our students and staff, and we will all work together to maintain a safe learning environment at all Poplarville School District’s schools.