social media graphic showing drawing of diagram

Over the past few days, many school districts across the state have been investigating social media posts that mentioned possible threats to their schools. Unfortunately, social media posts which cannot be verified are causing miscommunication and heightened anxiety among students and parents in these districts.

A school administrator, whose district has been affected by this online activity stated, “As powerful as social media can be as a communication tool, a post that isn’t true can create an unnecessary disruption for our schools. When misinformation is shared it desensitizes awareness of real issues. That’s why responsible use of social media is so important.”

It is important that parents talk to their children and ask that they immediately report any concerns to their school’s principal’s office and also remind them of the importance of using social media in a responsible manner.

Though the Poplarville School District has not been the target of any credible threats at this time, we always take the safety of our faculty and staff as well as the security of our campuses seriously. Any threat made will be investigated and pursued to the fullest extent of the law by our local law enforcement officers.