We Are An A District Graphic

On November 6, 2017, the Poplarville School District (PSD) celebrated their “A” ranking with community members and officials as well as with State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright.

The meeting began with a song by 2nd graders led by music instructor, Emily Hansen with a rousing patriotic song.

Mr. Merritt, PSD Superintendent of Schools, then recognized community members and leaders who were present, school board members, and PSD staff and administrators. Most of Merritt’s praise was directed towards the teachers and students of Poplarville Schools who’s tireless work and effort pushed our district into the top tier of districts in the state.

PSD is ranked 8th in the state by a scoring matrix including test scores, dropout rates,  graduation rates, attendance and other indicators.  While all PSD schools received an A or B grade, it was Poplarville High School who ranked the highest school in PSD. PHS is ranked 3rd top high school in the entire state of Mississippi.

Mr. Merritt introduced Dr. Carey Wright as the featured speaker of the event. Wright expressed gratitude of all the hard work it took for a district to achieve an A ranking and urged the students, staff, and community to continue to push and advance.  She also presented the district with a banner congratulating the district for their high marks.

Mr. Merritt, closed the service by reminding everyone of our district’s slogan that encapsulated the celebration: One district, One Community, One Family!

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