Reading Winners

We have completed our first week of our Reading program at MSP.  Students read books and record the number of pages which translates into miles.  Each 20 pages is 1 mile. The grade level competition is by classes and individuals. All students are expected to read 2 books each nine weeks.

Our class winners this nine weeks are:

8th grade Mrs. Tiffany Davis– 2nd period class with 785 miles
7th grade Mr. John Allred– 3rd period class with 335 miles
6th grade Mrs. Laurie Burkett- 2nd class with 195 miles

These classes were rewarded with an Ice Cream Party

Individual winners were:

8th grade Carmen Cookmeyer with 295 miles
7th grade Dena Lombardo  with 188 miles
6th grade Makayla Pearson with 82 miles.

Allstars Tie Baylee and Breeanna Lester and Tierra Wallace with 23 miles

Individual winners were given a choice of several rewards including lunch with friends, gift cards, homework passes and snacks.