The MSP Health class had the opportunity to learn new, healthy information from PRCC instructors/coaches.  Ryne Colvin, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach and First Aid/Cpr Instructor, gave important information to the classes about CPR.  He taught the correct steps of CPR and how to save a life properly while using CPR and an AED.  

Meghan Moger, Wellness Instructor and Cheer Coach, taught the the class how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while incorporating healthy eating and exercise.  She gave the students ideas on how to stretch properly,  how to cut back on unhealthy foods, and brought displays to show the comparison between unhealthy pounds of fat compared to strong amounts of muscle that our bodies need.
MSP students really enjoyed their presentation and learned lots of new information that they can use on a daily basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We appreciate the instructors at PRCC for taking time out of their schedule to come and teach to our younger generation.