On February 03, 2017,  Ms. Angela Bonner, a Special Education Teacher at Poplarville Upper Elementary, traveled north to N.R. Burge Middle School to deliver the school supplies that were donated as part of the relief effort.  Ms. Bonner was greeted warmly by Mr. Blake Harwell, son of Mrs. Hilda Harwell, Assistant Principal at PUE, and Dr. Shannon Smith who were very appreciative of our student’s thoughtfulness.
Dr. Smith and Mr. Harwell both agreed that the donations would assist students who were victims from the most recent tornado in the Pine Belt area and wanted the students, faculty and staff of PUE to know how much it is appreciated.
"This donation is going to be very useful", said Dr. Smith.
"It was so thoughtful of PUE to do this for us", said Mr. Harwell.
"It was great to have a local connection to this school," said Ms. Bonner, "we all have the same purpose, to educate students and we can't do that if they do not have the supplies they need."