On August 29th, second-year Digital Media Technology students had the opportunity to attend a film workshop directed by Ronn Hague at Pearl River Community College.  Mr. Hague explained essential film set etiquette, lighting and sound basics, and how the jobs of the cast and crew mesh to produce films.  After the introductory lessons, Mr. Hague walked the students through filming scenes from Kidnapped, a short film noir being produced by the college.  They managed the various film jobs, such as camera operator, lighting grip, production assistant, and assistant director.  Each student had a hand in the production, whether it was in the acting or behind the scenes, and through the hands-on learning style, they were able to practice what they have learned about film production.  The workshop also let them see the conditions of a high-quality film set and learn far beyond what is possible at the high school alone.​
Written by Eadie Keenan