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Moss Point Match

The PHS tennis team had a good run on the courts Tuesday night against Moss Point High School.  Match play began at 4:00 in an attempt to get all play completed before the threat of rain stopped play.  The rain held off but the wind was a definite factor throughout the night.  Wind gusts of 20 mph made it difficult at times to control the flight of the tennis ball.  Despite the extremely windy conditions, Poplarville finished the night with several individual wins as well as a team win.  The match against Moss Point was the first District Match of the year.

Varsity Winners:

Boys Singles: R. Schubert defeated L. Smith 6-0   6-1

#1 Boys Doubles:  C. Jones & T. Miley defeated  A. Haynes & T. Salter  6-3   6-0

#1 Girls Doubles:  P. Nix & S. Coleman defeated D. Jenkins & D. Wilson  6-4  7-5

Mixed Doubles:  C. Davis & S. Recatto defeated D. Watson & T. Porter   6-1  6-0

JV Winners:

Mixed Doubles:  M. Davis & K. Smith  won 6-0 in a single set.

Girls Doubles:  P. Nix & A. Knoll won 6-2 in a single set.


Bay High Match 

The Poplarville Hornet tennis team was back in action at home against Bay High Tuesday afternoon. Sunny and warm weather was a welcome sight after the recent heavy rains.  Bay High is the 2nd District match played so far this season.  

Varsity Winners:

Boy Singles: Ryan Schubert defeated Breaghan LeFlore  6-1   6-2

#2 Boys Doubles:  Christopher Casteneda & Noah Gray defeated John Gonzales & Aiden Pohl  7-6   6-4

J.V.  Winners:

Girls Doubles:  Anna Knoll & Mary Ruth Pridmore  defeated Leigha Verschelde & Brooke Perkins in a single set  6-3

Boys Singles:  Micah Davis defeated Blake Bell  6-1   6-4.