Poplarville and Picayune met once again at a heated archery competition this Monday. Both teams came to win for their respective schools but only one of these great teams could come out on the top. Last week Poplarville had fought with honor and integrity, but so did Picayune at their last competition yet the Hornet Nation could not topple the Maroon Tide. At Monday’s competition, Poplarville had revved up its spirit. Archers at Poplarville had practiced with Hornet ferocity, their skills had increased exponentially from last meeting Picayune. Now, could the Hornet Nation finally achieve the greatness that it knew it possessed? If only more of its team members had arrived. Those select archers that chose to stand against the Maroon Tide honored Poplarville by shooting with unparalleled skill. Archers such as Mike Strickland, Tyler Chisolm, Olivia Branum, and Megan Williams were inspirational with their use of the bow. Mike Strickland had even tied with Picayune’s William Lebeau for first place. Though the Hornets had notched, drawn, and fired with unbelievable precision and accuracy, they came up short against the Maroon Tide only because the Hornets had some missing Stingers. Both teams were quite the sight to observe, even the audience was in competitive spirit causing cheers and boos from both sides to their respective teams. At the end of the day, Poplarville and Picayune nodded heads, shook hands, and congratulated shooters for their sportsmanship at Monday’s competition.
Written by Brandon Bunales