Lisa Cuevas was awarded Teacher of the Year at Poplarville Lower Elementary only to become Poplarville School District's Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Cuevas is married to Randy Cuevas and has two children:  Haylee – 1st year teaching Spanish in Purvis School District and Dylon – 2nd year teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies at Poplarville Upper Elementary.  Mrs. Lisa has been the librarian at PLE for two years and has also served as a second grade teacher at PLE and K-2 Academic Coach.  Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends but her favorite past time is READING.  Mrs. Lisa loves teaching the love of reading to others and her favorite activity is PLE's annual Book Parade.  She hopes to retire in the librarian position in years to come.  She will be hosting a BOOK FAIR March 7 – 11 at PLE and will have a family night when the library stays open until 7:00 on March 8.  Come experience the love of reading in her library!