Fourth grade students used their deductive reasoning skills to play a game of clue involving their teachers.  The teachers each dressed as a character in the mystery game.  Students searched for clues, some of which were just red-herrings, and some pointing to the culprit.  Students were able to check off suspects throughout the day.  At the end of the day, they were able to submit their accusations and present their evidence.
The culprit — Colonel Mustard, on the playground, with a pen.  —– was chosen from all the correct answers as the winner of the board game, Clue.
Suspects were:  
Renay Rigney – Lady Lavender
Kay Cappel – Colonel Mustard
Kristen Burkett – Miss Scarlet
Lauren Anderson – Ms. Peacock
Dylon Burge – Prince Azure
Mary Beth Patten – Ms. White
Sharon Trumble – Professor Plum
Tammy Krutzfeldt – Mrs. Meadow-Brook