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Students in Renay Rigney's 4th Grade Quest Classes have partnered with a local group called the "Merry Mat Makers." Ms. Dale Adams and Ms. Peggy LaDue recently visited the PUE classroom to demonstrate how their volunteers use plastic shopping bags that are cut into strips to make balls of "plarn." These are crocheted into beautiful mats that are both waterproof and warm. All of the mats are then donated to a ministry for the homeless located on the MS Gulf Coast.

The "Merry Mat Makers" recently put out a call for additional volunteers who would be willing to work on their own time making these balls of plarn. The students decided this would be a wonderful Community Service Project and enthusiastically agreed to help. Each of them spends a few minutes during their weekly independent learning center time looping the strips of plastic together that the volunteers will use to create other unique mats like the one pictured below. The class goal is to donate enough balls of plarn by the end of the school year to make at least one crocheted mat. Based on their progress so far, they are well on their way!