Twenty-five ninth grade female students attended the iCan! Girls in Engineering Program sponsored by Mississippi Power  Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at Pearl River Community College.  The students were chosen to participate in the program because of their achievement in their previous math and science classes.  Ms. Sarah Odom, Mississippi Power Customer Service Supervisor, spoke to the students about business etiquette.  Eight Mississippi Power female engineers volunteered their time to work with the Poplarville students.  The engineers explained how they became engineers and the process of education and experience in Coop programs.  The students participated in four hands-on activities.  The first was electrical engineering, the students made circuits using materials, such as, screws, batteries, and play dough.  The second was mechanical engineering, the female students made a car.  The third activity, civil engineering, the students designed a high heel shoe.  The final activity, chemical engineering, they made bath salts and lip gloss.  Representatives from Pearl River Community College, the recruiter, instructors from the Instrumentation and Electronics Programs spoke to the girls about their programs that are related to engineering.  A recruiter from the University of Southern Alabama spoke to the students about their engineering programs.  The students who attended iCan! Girls in Engineering Program would like to thank Ms. Ann Holland for arranging the event.