After a lengthy voting process, the Class of 2020 The Hunger Games spirit t-shirt design has been chosen! In small teams, seventh graders in Mrs. Aube and Ms. Murray’s language arts classes worked for a week to prepare a design which met the theme of “Who’s the Bad Guy?”
Working within a $10.00 budget, all students created designs utilizing the creative tools on Keeping in mind a middle school audience, students also included elements from The Hunger Games novel, such as slogans based on the narrative or images and color palettes inspired by the novel.  Students presented their t-shirts to their respective classes in a small presentation which included a variety of tools of persuasion to “sell” the t-shirts to their audience.  To extend the activity, students gathered evidence from the text and prepared an essay with proper MLA citations to justify each element of their designs and to prepare for MCT3 expository writing. 
All designs with an “85” or above as the final grade were displayed in the hallway for the decision of which will be produced to be made by the students, their peers, and teachers.  The winning design, created by Mrs. Aube’s students, Rebekah G., Alice M., Sadie P., and Kara T., beat out almost twenty other designs in two rounds of voting to be titled the favorite design. Ms. Murray’s students provided stiff competition, as always.
The design will be produced as a limited edition exclusively for the Class of 2020. 
Congratulations, girls, on all your hard work!