The Middle School of Poplarville had a chance to partner with State Farm to provide the students with an educational experience that encourages students to stay in school and promote success in life.

The State Farm Choice Bus rolled onto campus and provided students with a 25 minute interactive presentation designed to show the relevancy of education to career choices and lifetime earning potential. Midway through the presentation, a full scale replica of a prison cell was revealed.  It was a powerful demonstration of how education –  and the lack of education – is connected to making good or bad choices.

During the presentation, The Choice Bus staff lead students in discussions about the importance of education, choosing friends wisely, avoiding gangs, being respectful to others and having a career interest.   

Students learned several eye-opening facts about education:

  • High school graduates earn more than high school dropouts

  • College graduates earn a million dollars more over their lifetime than high school dropout

  • High school dropouts are more likely to spend time in prison than high school graduates

  • 75% of prisoners are high school dropouts

The Choice Bus is sponsored by the Mattie C Stewart Foundation and State Farm. MSP would like to say a special thanks to State Farm Agent Bobby Weathersby and Stacey Wilks.