As part of their study of The Hunger Games, the seventh grade classes took part in a dodge ball tournament at the Middle School of Poplarville on Thursday, March 26, 2015.  To simulate the battle to the death competition of the novel, thirty-five seventh grade students and eleven eighth grade students were chosen at random as “tributes” to participate in the Hunger for Knowledge Games.  Students were awarded entries into the “reaping” ceremony according to their grades and sponsorship.
To fully understand the Hunger Games battle as it is portrayed in The Hunger Games novel, students spent the third nine weeks focused on the political climate of China, United States, and other countries and how these climates affect an adolescent’s ability to make informed decisions.  Students also discussed the definitions of utopia and dystopia as they pertain to the novel and their current living conditions. Finally, students reviewed and discussed the symbolism of the cornucopia as it was used in the original Thanksgiving celebration and how it is repurposed as a symbol of death in The Hunger Games.
Congratulations to Zoe F., victor of the first round of dodge ball, and Blaise B., victor of the second round!  You made the Class of 2020 very proud!
Special thanks also must be given to Mrs. Aube’s Writing Club, Mrs. Debra Allred, Mrs. Tonya Mixon, and Coach Glen Barber for making the Games come to life.  Without your help, the Hunger for Knowledge Games would not be possible.