Professor Lipsmacker visited the Middle School of Poplarville on Friday, March 13th to speak at TLC, Teens Living for Christ.
He performed a science experiment to get the students' attention. Professor Lipsmacker took a half grape and placed it under a glass jar in the microwave oven for 20 seconds. After a few seconds, a fire ball, which seemed to be plasma, appeared upon the grape. The microwave created an electric current in the grape because of the ions. When the tiny links between the two half-parts is broken it creates an electric arc. The students were excited and Professor Lipsmacker definitely got the students' attention.
Professor Lipsmacker stressed to the students the little things in our lives matter. He compared the importance of the tiny links causing the experiment to work just like the small things in our lives matter to God. Everything we do, every problem we have (no matter how big or small), every decision we make is important to God.