SFC Carley Davis of the Mississippi National Guard spoke to the Poplarville Career Development Center Students Friday, February 27, 2015.  Sargent Davis talked to the students about the Goal Program, a new program in the Mississippi National Guard.  This program provides money, a stipend, to the student for the six years he or she is in high school and college.  The student would start the program in the 11th grade and continue in it until he or she finishes their degree after four years of college.  The student would have to attend basic training, serve the National Guard one day out of the month for six years.  The student would be supervised through their two years of high school, two years of community college, and two years of senior college.  The students could not be deployed as long as they stayed in high school and college.  The Mississippi National Guard would pay for the student’s tuition and their books.  After graduation from college, students may stay in the National Guard or opt out of continued enlistment.