MSP is proud to announce that enrollment in our technology club is at an all-time high with roughly 56 students signed up. Students in the club are involved in community outreach projects, STEM challenges, and computer projects. MSP is proudly providing our students with first-hand technology experiences!

MSP’s Nerd Herd recently completed a STEM challenge utilizing one of our favorite things – SNACKS!
Students had to choose between using sugar cubes or Oreos and were competing with their peers. In the Oreo challenge, students were given a set number of Oreos and were instructed to construct the tallest freestanding tower.  The sugar cube groups were given a box of sugar cubes and frosting and were instructed to design and create an arch that they felt would hold the most weight.
The arches will be tested in our upcoming meeting! The students enjoy being a member of Nerd Herd and are excited about testing their creative masterpieces.