Within the months of January and February, MSP’s Teens Living for Christ (TLC) has hosted breakfast and lively speakers for its student participants.  Two weeks ago, members were treated to a breakfast of donut holes provided by the TLC officers along with a short video of Christian-themed comedy.  Over 100 students were in attendance.  Last week’s meeting featured Tyler Ball, a former Poplarville District student, who spoke about the power of music and how positive choices begin with something as simple as the songs students listen to on their way to school.   Likewise, this meeting drew in over 100 students.  In the coming weeks, Tyler Ball will return to continue his discussion of modern music, and live musicians will be featured, as well as other local, influential speakers.  
It is important to remember that TLC is entirely student-run, so none of this would be possible without the hard work of the TLC officers, their parents, and the support of the local community to bring positive messages to the MSP student body.