Mr. and Mrs. PHS

Noah Pearson and Mercedes Mayfield

Most Beautiful and Most Handsome

Madison Nodurft and Malik Lucas


Hayden Freeman, Blake Mata, Austin Darden, Brandon Bunales, Parker Wells, and Mason Nodurft


Haley McClendon, Rachel Barrass, Lexey Breerwood, Myranda Diamond, Harlee Stuart, and Ali Glasscock


Class Favorites: Jake Smith and Drew Smith

Most Likely to Succeed: Kyle Stringer and Emily Mitchell

Most School Spirit: Brandon Spiers and Tristan Wheat

Most Athletic: Keith Dotson and Camryn Pierce


Class Favorites: Jaden Owen and Ariel Dunn

Most Likely to Succeed: Taylor Wells and Victoria McMurray

Most School Spirit: Marc Ducote and Abby Holliday

Most Athletic: Derrick Houston and Mallory Nuccio


Class Favorites: Nick Kirschbaum and Mallory Smith

Most Likely to Succeed: Dylan Rosenbaum and Kaitlyn Barber

Most School Spirit: Zack Rice and Kristin Smith

Most Athletic: Camden Ray and Merisa Myrick


Class Favorites: Ethan Ladner and Anna Beth Davis

Most Likely to Succeed: Zach Couvillon and Elizabeth Burge

Most School Spirit: Alan Holliday and Faith Necaise

Most Athletic: Austin Bolton and Megan McGill