Tammy Krutzfeldt is a fourth grade teacher at Poplarville Elementary.  She began her teaching career at the Poplarville Lower Elementary as an assistant teacher.  The teaching staff at PLE encouraged her to return to school to continue her dream of becoming a teacher.  After several years as an assistant, she pursued her degree by obtaining a Science Degree in Education from William Carey College.  Ms. Krutzfeldt started teaching as a third grade teacher in the Poplarville School District and is currently in her twelfth year as a classroom teacher at Poplarville Upper Elementary. 

Ms. Krutzfeldt is active in many educational and community activities.  She serves as a mentor teacher in the IMPACT2 math program at Mississippi State University.  She helps teachers prepare lesson and learn new strategies for teaching upper and middle grade students.  She is a member of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  She serves as a member of the Blueberry Jubilee Council, the Poplarville Chamber of Commerce, and works with the Poplarville City Planning Commission. 

Ms. Krutzfeldt stated, “Our school district is filled with many outstanding teachers.  I am extremely honored to have been selected as Teacher of the Year for the Poplarville School District among my peers.  There is no greater joy to me as a career than teaching in our community.”