This week PLE celebrated Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign for drug prevention.   Students benefitted from a special presentation by Kim Hart, Health Promotions Coordinator of Pearl River County about the dangers of tobacco use and participated in themed dress up days. While students enjoyed celebrating at school, as a parent you have a strong influence in the life of your child.  Here are some things you can do to help prevent alcohol, tobacco and drug use:
·         Talk early.  Talk often.  Keep talking.  Listen when kids talk.
·         Look for teachable moments, such as while driving in the car.
·         Spend time with your kids.
·         Be clear about boundaries and consequences.
·         Help them plan how to resist peer pressure before it comes.
·         Be a parent, not a friend.  Your kids have plenty of friends. They only have you as a parent.
·         Be a role model.
·         Show your support.  Encourage their interest. Help them to learn from mistakes and move on.
Let them know you care.  Show it.