Next week, the Poplarville Upper Elementary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  This week is dedicated to federal drug enforcement agent Enrique Camerena, who was killed by drug traffickers in Mexico in 1985.  In response to his death, angered parents across the country began wearing red ribbons to symbolize their commitment toward a drug free America.  In 1988, Congress officially proclaimed the first Red Ribbon Week.  Over 100,000 schools and organizations nationwide celebrate this week.  We will show our commitment to keeping our schools and community drug free by participating in theme days and a classroom door decorating contest! The theme days are as follows:
MONDAY:          Wear RED for Red Ribbon Week. (May wear red shirt w/ uniform pants.)
TUESDAY:          Sock It To Drugs (May wear silly or mismatched socks.)
WEDNESDAY:   Put a Cap on Drugs (May wear a hat/cap.)
THURSDAY:       HAIRS To Being Drug Free (Crazy Hair)
FRIDAY:              Team Up Against Drugs (May wear Favorite Team Shirt w/ uniform pants.)