On Friday, September 19, 2014, to the students’ amazement, several “pirates” were seen at Poplarville Upper Elementary School to celebrate “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.” This day was also an opportunity to promote positive things that are happening at Poplarville Upper Elementary School such as an intriguing book study with quite an unusual title.
Several teachers at Poplarville Upper Elementary are involved in this literary study of the book Teach Like a Pirate! which is written by Dave Burgess.  The teachers and administrators that give their time to be a part of this book study are Beth Armstrong, Katherine Bracey, Dylon Burge, Teresa Farmer, Marie Fazende, Hilda Harwell, Tammy Krutzfeldt, Marissa Lee, Michele Lee, Rebekah Mayfield, Nicole McCardle, Mary Beth Patten, Lynn Payne, and Melissa Pearson.  The group is facilitated by Melissa Pearson.  These teachers meet each Tuesday after school to discuss the book and collaborate with each other on different interesting ideas that help to engage the students in learning.  During these meetings, teachers’ creativity is boosted and ideas flow to help make classrooms unforgettable and learning experiences meaningful. 
Teachers love to astonish students about the new and exciting things they will learn and the surprises that are in store for them each day! In the book the author states, “When we model enthusiasm it rubs off on everybody around us; it is absolutely contagious.”  As teachers, we strive to be enthusiastic and model the joy of life and learning for all students.