Running back Keith Dotson, wowed Poplarville with his game-winning two point conversion in overtime on Friday night. The final score was 43-42 against the Stone County Tomcats. The Poplarville Hornets had been neck in neck with the Stone County Tomcats all night. They were tied 14-14 in the first quarter, then 21-21 at halftime, 28-28 third quarter, and ending the fourth quarter tied 35-35, forcing the game into overtime. The Tomcats scored first with a successful extra point bringing their score up to 42-35. Quarterback Clay Garrett scored for Hornets on the second overtime possession. Instead of the extra point, running back, Keith Dotson ran the ball in for a two point conversion, finalizing the game for the Hornets. Fullback Tyler Fricke, Wide Receiver Will Holiday, and Quarterback Clay Garrett each scored a touchdown for the Hornets. Keith Dotson scored 4 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion in an exciting ending to the game.