ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO ORDER A YEARBOOK!!!  The deadline is the last day of school, May 23rd.

2 WAYS TO ORDER:  1) Order forms are in the school office for those who prefer to pay with cash or check.  2) Order online with a credit card at

PRICING:  $20 for soft cover, $30 for hard cover

ORDERING ONLINE = FREE PERSONALIZATION:  If you order at our online storefront, you may personalize your own yearbook by adding your own photos, those that reflect your own unique school experiences and memories. Students may use Picaboo Yearbooks’ easy-to-use and fun web app to personalize up to four additional pages, plus the back cover of their yearbook – without cost. To add more than four personalized pages, it is only $.99 cents per extra page.  

ORDERING ONLINE = FREE eYEARBOOK:  When the yearbooks arrive at the beginning of next school year, online purchasers may return to the storefront to download their FREE PUE eYearbook, viewable on tablets and mobile devices.