Mississippi's First Lady, Mrs. Deborah Bryant, visited Poplarville Lower Elementary School as part of her "Read Across Mississippi Tour" to promote reading. Her husband's personal struggles with reading at an early age inspired her to reach out to children. Her goal is to visit at least one school in every county in the state by the end of the year.  
She started with an introduction about the Governor, his job, his family, and the Governor’s mansion.  She had large photographs that just amazed the students.  Then, she read The Little Red Hen.  After reading the book, she had a discussion with the students about how her husband overcame his learning disability and went on to become governor.  She encouraged every child to pursue his or her own dreams, and it starts with reading. After letting the students tell what they wanted to be when they grow up, Mrs. Bryant hugged every one of the students.  She was very nice and the students will never forget her visit.  We were honored to have her read to us!