Ms. Tammy Krutzfeldt’s class hosted a solar car relay with the help of Donor’s Choose.  Donor’s Choose is a website available for teachers to indicate project needs for their class.  Wonderful donors can contribute to a project through the site.  Ms. Krutzfeldt wanted to combine cooperative learning with the different language arts and science activities they were studying.  Students read several nonfiction stories about nonrenewable and alternative energy resources.  Ms. Krutzfeldt’s class was also preparing for their skit in the fourth grade “Mississippi, Believe It” program about the Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge.  High school students from across Mississippi have created solar cars and have competed in this challenge.  Many have won top honors!   Ms. Krutzfeldt’s students are following in the shadows of these bright students.  Her students used cooperative learning skills to work in racing teams to build small solar cars and were able to hold their own solar car race.