Poplarville High School Culinary Arts students recently placed 3rd in the state competitionat the 5th Annual MS ProStart Invitational held in Jackson MS, at “Table 100” on Lakeland Drive.  The students who won 3rd place were team # 2 members; Anansa Bolton, Asia Bolton, Triston Ladner, Japonika McGee, and Nicole Wagner.  They were told by the judges, their food was some of the best in the competition, and better than some restaurants. These students won a total of $16,000 dollars in scholarship opportunities from some of the best culinary colleges around. 
Poplarville High School Supported two culinary teams both preformed an awesome job according to the judges’ comments.  Team # 1 members were; Brandon Buck, Racinda Odom, Jessica Putnam, Mitchell Stafford, Breanna Stockstill. 
Teams were challenged to butcher their own protein on site as seen in the fileting of fish for team # 1’s entrée.  Both teams made a form of homemade pasta; with team # 2 making homemade Italian Dumplings called Gnocchi and Team # 1 making homemade Linguini noodles.  The teams had to prepare a five course meal in 60 minutes with limited space and equipment after they completed several other aspects of the competition.