Katherine Adcox, a 5th grade student in Mrs. Seal’s Discover Class, has been researching information about the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  She was given the identity of a passenger on board this historical ship and researched her life leading up to her Titanic voyage and her fate after boarding the great ship.  Katherine was lucky enough to take a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee where she visited the Titanic Exhibit.  While there, she was introduced to the man who portrayed Captain Edward John Smith.  He took a photograph with her holding an original New York Times newspaper reporting the sinking.  He also allowed her to hold a piece of metal that came from a window in the 1st class area of Titanic.  On one of the walls in the exhibit, Katherine located the passenger she had been assigned to research in class.  Her name was Alma Cornelia Berglund Palsson.  She was a 3rd class passenger and did not survive the sinking.